Duties of a Divorce Lawyer

What is Family Law?

Family law is a practice area which includes legal issues about family relationships. Family law includes adoption, child custody, and divorce. Lawyers in Reno practicing family law handles divorce, child custody, child & spousal support, property division. Family law is also known as matrimonial law it is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.

Family law in Nevada is important especially to protect individuals involved in divorce or death of a family member. O

What are the benefits or function of a Family Lawyer?

Family lawyers work hard to avoid costly fights in the courtroom that families might get involved in. They also advise families they are assisting on adoption issues or any of the parameters related to establishing a will. In addition,  The role of family lawyers is to represent the family in the court, they are the ones preparing the filings, pleadings and the ones who are attending trials and court proceedings when required. Family lawyers simplify legal issues for a family. They also handle estates and wills when a family member dies. They are responsible for handling the role of power of attorney.


Divorce is a dissolution of marriage. It is the removal of a marriage or marital union. It is also canceling or re-organizing the legal duties & responsibilities of marriage. Another definition is also getting rid of the bonds of the marriage between a married couple under the rule of the particular country or state. Divorce laws have a lot of variations around the world. In most countries, divorce requires a court order or authority in a legal process. Divorce lawyers deal with child custody, child visitation or access, child support & division of property.

Difference between Annulment & Divorce

Annulment is a procedure within secular and religious legal systems for declaring a marriage null and void, unlike divorce, it is usually retroactive which means that the annulled marriage is considered to be invalid from the beginning almost as if it had never been done.

Void vs. voidable marriage

A void marriage is a marriage which has no legal recognition. A marriage is automatically null but a declaration of nullity is required to establish this.

A voidable marriage is a marriage which can be canceled at the option of one of the parties. It is a valid marriage but it can be cancelled if contested in court by one of the parties in the marriage.

What you should expect from the best family lawyers in Reno, NV?

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